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Our all-new rotating telehandler lineup

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The leader in material handling is proud to introduce our solution to North America's congested job sites. It's time to experience the power of three in one, performance at a higher level and more of the industry-leading features you've come to expect. All in one machine, all in 360.

360° Continuous Rotation

Full rotation of the upper frame allows for both horizontal and vertical lifting and placing. And because these machines often operate from a fixed position, they also provide frame leveling up to 6 degrees and automatic leveling when using outriggers to compensate for uneven terrain.

3 Machine Types In One

Each model works as a standard telehandler, mobile elevating work platform and rough-terrain crane to help you conquer a variety of challenges.

Lift & Place Work At Height Move Suspended Loads
Intuitive Operator interface

Confidence is the name of the game when operating these machines. Inside the cab, everything comes naturally thanks to dual joystick proportional controls, leading-edge technology and more.

Right Joystick Left Joystick Automatic Attachment Recognition Load Management Information System (LMIS) Load Stability Indicator (LSI) Simplified Display Screen Remote Boom Control
Right Joystick

Lifts and lowers the boom. Controls attachment tilt, forward and back.

Left Joystick

Extends and retracts the boom. Controls turntable rotation.

Automatic Attachment Recognition

Recognizes attachments on the end of the boom and alerts the operator for confirmation.

Load Management Information System (LMIS)

Assists the operator by indicating whether the load is compliant and prevents operation that violates the boundaries of the load chart.

Load Stability Indicator (LSI)

Works with the LMIS system to limit operation when the load is nearing the maximum capacity indicated on the load chart.

Simplified Display Screen

User-friendly design and readout for quick processing of information.

Remote Boom Control

Allows you to control the boom from outside of cab when improved visibility is critical during load placement.

Intuitive Interface
Aim for the Sky

Our lineup has you covered with a range of capacities and lift heights. In fact, the R11100 is JLG's highest reaching telehandler yet, featuring a 97-ft lift height, which can eliminate the need to have cranes on site.

67 ft

Max Lift Height

13,200 lb

Max Capacity

View Model

84.5 ft

Max Lift Height

13,200 lb

Max Capacity

View Model

97 ft

Max Lift Height

11,000 lb

Max Capacity

View Model


R11100 R1370 R1385
Rated Capacity 11,000-lb / 5,000-kg 13,200-lb / 6,000-kg 13,200-lb / 6,000-kg
Maximum Lift Height 97-ft / 29.6-m 67-ft / 20.5-m 84-ft 6-in / 25.7-m
Capacity at Max Lift Height 4,400-lb / 1,900-kg 5,500-lb / 2,500-kg 5,500-lb / 2,500-kg
Maximum Forward Reach 86-ft / 26-m 59-ft 6-in / 18.1-m 72-ft 6-in / 21.9-m
Capacity at Max Reach 300-lb / 140-kg 1,500-lb / 700-kg 1,450-lb / 600-kg
Approximate Operating Weight 52,650-lb / 23,882-kg 42,410-lb / 19,237-kg 50,570-lb / 22,940-kg
Engine Fiat FPT NEF-N4.5 Perkins 904J-E36TA Fiat FPT NEF-N4.5
HP 168 hp @ 2200 rpm 134 hp @ 2200 rpm 168 hp @ 2200 rpm
Transmission Hydrostatic 2-speed Hydrostatic 2-speed Hydrostatic 2-speed
R11100 R1370 R1385
General Purpose Bucket 94.5-in / 2.0-cu yd 94.5-in / 2.0-cu yd 94.5-in / 2.0-cu yd
Truss Boom 8-ft / 2.4-m 8-ft / 2.4-m 8-ft / 2.4-m
Truss Boom with Winch 9-ft / 2.7-m 9-ft / 2.7-m 9-ft / 2.7-m
Standard Carriage 48-in / 1.2-m 48-in / 1.2-m 48-in / 1.2-m
Fork Positioning Carriage 48-in / 1.2-m 48-in / 1.2-m 48-in / 1.2-m
360 Degree Rotating Carriage 48-in / 1.2-m 48-in / 1.2-m 48-in / 1.2-m
Work Platform 7-ft / 2.1-m 7-ft / 2.1-m 7-ft / 2.1-m
Extendable Trilateral Work Platform 8-ft to 13-ft 6-in / 2.4-m to 4.1-m 8-ft to 13-ft 6-in / 2.4-m to 4.1-m 8-ft to 13-ft 6-in / 2.4-m to 4.1-m
Coupler Mounted Winch 11,000-lb / 5,000-kg 11,000-lb / 5,000-kg 11,000-lb / 5,000-kg
Coupler Mounted Hook 11,000-lb / 5,000-kg 13,200-lb / 6,000-kg 13,200-lb / 6,000-kg

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